Willard Chapter of ASLTA Information Sheet

The ASL Teachers Association (ASLTA), formerly Sign Instructors Guidance Network (SIGN), is a national organization of professional involved with teaching ASL. Formerly National SIGN was formed in 1975 and is affiliated with the National Association of the Deaf (NAD). SIGN has provided certification for ASL instructors since 1976. It has several chapters, including the Willard Chapter of ASLTA.

Goals for Willard ASLTA

  • To promote professionalism in instruction of ASL and Deaf Studies
  • To share their effective teaching tips
  • To upgrade their skills through professional development workshops and other short-term trainings
  • To maintain certification standards and procedures for updating on ASL and Deaf culture research
  • To learn about methods of teaching and to understand second language individual learning styles


Membership in the Willard Chapter of ASLTA shall be open to instructors of ASL and Deaf Studies and any interested person who supports the goals and objectives of the organization.

Membership Benefits

  • Discounted workshop fees
  • Teacher training shareshop
  • Supplies and postage